Conference 2006

Does just hearing the word “Constitution” make your head ache, your stomach tighten, and your eyes water? Or maybe it kicks your yawning reflexes into full gear?

Not so in the late 18th century!

After years of war, and struggling with an ineffective infant government, “Constitution” was a word of excitement, controversy, and hope, as they sought to preserve their newly won liberties for posterity.

It now falls to us and to our children, to preserve the freedoms they gave us.

Unfamiliar with the document, most of us are unprepared for such a role, and often don’t recognize errors in modern attacks upon the constitution!

Here lies an opportunity for preparation. An opportunity to better understand the treasure that we have been given, and what we are to do with it.


Who were the men that wrote it?
Why did they write it?
What is it all about?
What does it mean today?
Has it changed over time?
What about the amendments?
The Bill of Rights?
Does any of it really matter anyway?

Join us for this conference and clear the cobwebs around this important document - a document that is really fairly short and to the point!

Dr. Paul Jehle, a pastor and historian from Plymouth, Massachusetts, comes to Illinois to walk us through the history and the controversy, the contents and the practical application of this famous document.

Guest Speaker

Over the years we have had the great privilege of participating in the Vision Forum Faith & Freedom Tours. Our guest speaker, Dr. Paul Jehle, has been one of the highlights of the tours in the New England area. We have immensely enjoyed Dr. Jehle’s presentations not only because of his speaking style, but because of the tremendous insights and biblical lessons he has drawn from history.

You are in for a treat!

Dr. Jehle is senior pastor of the New Testament Church of Cedarville in Plymouth, Massachusetts, president and founder of Heritage Institute Ministries, principal and founder of the New Testament Christian School, as well as serving as Plymouth Rock Foundation’s education director since 1988. Dr. Jehle has earned master’s and doctorate degrees in education. Dr. Jehle has traveled nationally and internationally to bring biblical worldview training to Christians in the areas of education, history, political statesmanship, and church ministry.

Recordings of this conference are now available on CD through Resounding Voice. This is a "must have" resource for every serious Christian American. Dr. Jehle far exceeded our already high expectations, and gave those in attendance an absolutely incredible weekend. You need to hear this!

Sessions include:
The Context: The Men & The Making
The Content: What They Wrote
The Concerns: Amendments
Correction or Catastrophe: Why it Matters

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