IN 1999 the Roger Erber family wrote and signed a resolution establishing the anniversary of Patrick Henry’s “Liberty or Death” speech (March 23, 1775) as a day to bring to remembrance past defenders of Liberty; to stir into our hearts a deeper love for, and understanding of, Liberty; and to “beseech the Most High for Liberty in our day.”

THE FIRST celebration saw just their family sitting around the living room. Each individual brought something meaningful to share - Dad and the younger ones did a short semi-impromptu skit, the older ones brought poetry, letters, stories, and songs of liberty, remembrance, and honor. Together they laughed and cried as they recalled people and events from the Roman times, old Europe, the American War for Independence, through the Alamo to recent American struggles. Their evening ended with prayer and a firm resolution that this would happen again.

SINCE THAT TIME, each year has seen great celebrations which have been joined by friends and family. Over the years there has been the need for larger facilities as more people joined in for this special event. Each year’s program has included songs, stories, speeches,  musical performances, and tributes all addressing Liberty - her principles, her history, and her defenders. The capstone of the evening is an exciting, fully costumed reenactment of the 2nd Virginia Convention of 1775 which culminates with Patrick Henry's famous, "Give me liberty, or give me death!” 

Each year many attendees come dressed in historic American costume which makes them fit right into the scene as the delegates debate seated among the audience.

AFTERWARD the celebration continues as attendees enjoy the favorite early American pastime - the Virginia Reel. Following the Reel, other early American dances are taught and called for those interested in trying more!

IT’S A FULL and fun evening that leaves the whole family appreciating America’s founding fathers more, and inspired to carry on their legacy!

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