2006 Liberty Day Pictures!

Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!
Fun, inspiration, costumes, music, stories -
below is a small selection of photos from the delightful
evening of March 4 , Liberty Day 2006!

Lots of great costumes!

These young ladies traveled from Massachussetts to join us! With their fathers, they assisted Dr. Jehle during the day, and each also added a few minutes to Dr. Jehle's presentations during the conference.

The delegates prepare for the debate...

A few delegates (Henry, Nelson, and Riddick) step out of character to manage the sound system!

Jacob (piano) and Daniel (violin) provided us with some fabulous music before the program, as well as performing and an impressive arrangement of Yankee Doodle for us!

Despite the need to correct two strings that slipped miserably out of tune, Joanna (violin) and Raeanne (harp) delighted us with a simple arrangement of "My Country, 'Tis of Thee"

A brief review of colonial government and their relationship with the Crown preceeded the center piece of the evening... the 2nd Virginia Convention.

Rev. Seldon prepares to enter and open the Convention in prayer.

Mr. Riddick kneels as the Reverend prays.

The clerk of the Convention reads the minutes from the previous day's deliberations, while President Randolph and Rev. Seldon look on.

Mr. Edmund Pendleton argues against the resolutions of Mr. Patrick Henry

"Let my trade perish!" cries Mr. Thomas Nelson, Jr. as he voices his support of Patrick Henry - and his willingness to sacrifice all for his country.

Mr. Robert Carter Nicholas cautions against raising a militia.

Mr. Thomas Jefferson declares the acts of Parliament to be that of a foreign power and must therefore be resisted!

Col. George Washington volunteers his services in the cause of his country.

Finally, Mr. Patrick Henry arises eloquently answering the arguments against him, ending, of course, with his famous line "Give me liberty, or give me death!"

Mr. Richard Bland calls for a vote to be taken on the resolutions of Mr. Patrick Henry.

After the dramatic conclusion to the debate, Rebecca took the stage to sing one of the most popular hymns of the colonial era, Chester, which tells of the victories God has given the young colonies over the established armies of England.

Then came a 1940's Radio Drama style presentation about Henry Laurens - a man who was called "The Father of our Country" by George Washington himself. Complete with music, sound effects, ads, and "news later tonight," the drama took us back to the era of radio.

After singing the solemn and reflective "Faded Coat of Blue" the quartet changed moods for a parody on the folk song "Just Before The Battle"

For many, though, the highlight of the evening was hearing Dr. Jehle dramatically recount stories of 4 influential Bostonians - and the lessons we can learn from them! Excellent!

We all stood to sing, then, after a closing prayer, Jacob and Daniel returned to the stage to dismiss us with more great music!

After the program, the young men were invited to learn and perform some simple military maneuvers directed by a handful of the delegates.

We hope you can join us next year!

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