Post-Event Report!

Click here for pictures from the 2006 Liberty Day Celebration!! We'd love to hear YOUR thoughts - and see your pictures! Comment here, or send them to us at:

The conference was great. Dr. Jehle is a gifted speaker and held everyone's attention closely through the day. Starting with Genesis 1:1, he moved forward from there discussing principles of government, the constitution, and history articulately - educating and inspiring young and old alike.

The conference was recorded, and those of you interested in purchasing a copy of the excellent sessions, can visit Resounding Voice to order the set.

Then came the evening. It was our 8th annual Liberty Day celebration and, from reports we hear, better than ever - despite a handful of glitches that had certain ones of us holding our breaths!! But still, it was a very fun evening and the eloquence of Dr. Jehle and Patrick Henry stand as complimentary rivals for the status of "highlight of the evening." More on the celebration here!

The room was packed! The chairs were filled, and the back and sides of the room were lined with additional attendees! In addition to the 450 who attended the conference during the day, another 100 or so showed up just for the evening!

Those of you who were unable to join us, we wish you could have been there! You missed a really wonderful day!

Those who were there - we'd love to hear what you thought!

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