Guest Speakers 2007

We are excited to be bringing in two speakers for our 2007 Liberty Day Conference!

Doug Phillips of Vision Forum Ministries
(pictured lecturing at Monticello)

About Doug Phillips
Doug Phillips is the director of Vision Forum Ministries, a discipleship and training ministry that emphasizes Christian apologetics, worldview training, multi-generational faithfulness, and creative solutions whereby fathers can play a maximum role in family discipleship. A constitutional attorney, Doug served with the Home School Legal Defense Association for six years. He serves as Adjunct Professor of Apologetics for the Institute for Creation Research, and co-authored the book, Weapons of Our Warfare with ICR’s president Dr. John Morris. He is the author/editor of Robert Louis Dabney: The Prophet Speaks; Poems for Patriarchs; The Birkenhead Drill; The Letters & Lessons of Teddy Roosevelt for His Sons. His writings have appeared in numerous publications including WORLD, Acts and Facts, The Houston Chronicle, Education Reporter, Quit You Like Men, The Home School Court Report, The Teaching Home, Home School Digest, Home Schooling Today, Citizen Magazine, and Patriarch magazine. A strong advocate of mentorship, Doug has taught from his home intensive college-level, independent courses on apologetics, law, theology, and government to home school students and graduates. Doug and his wife, Beall, live with their eight children, Joshua, Justice, Liberty, Jubilee, Faith Evangeline, Honor, Providence, and new arrival Virginia Hope in San Antonio, Texas.

Bill Potter of old Virginia
(pictured lecturing at the point where Washington crossed the Delaware)

About Bill Potter
A consummate historian and avid bibliophile, Bill Potter brings a wealth of experience and knowledge of history wherever he goes. With a personal library in excess of 4,000 antiquated hardbacks and a background as a top Ph.D. candidate in history at the College of William and Mary, Bill has earned a well-deserved reputation as a man gifted in communicating the story of God’s providential hand in American history. Bill is also the home schooling father of eight children. He and his wife Leslie live in historic Virginia.

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