Conference 2007 - Jamestown

February 23-24, 2007
Arlington Heights, Illinois

2007 marks the first time that an American event will celebrate it’s quadricentennial anniversary!

400 years have passed since Captain John Smith and company set foot upon the North American shores and named their settlement Jamestown - the first English colony successfully established on the shores of the New World, and the birthplace of American liberty. Much can be learned and loved as we study the providences of God, the establishment of the Christian foundations for our legal system, the men God used to secure this Christian foothold in America, and so much more!
  • What was the state of affairs in Europe that gave rise to the English colonization of America?
  • How was John Smith uniquely prepared for this challenging endeavor?
  • What principles of life and government that we consider “American” today were established at the Jamestown settlement?
  • Were the native Indians the most feared enemies of the colonists?
  • What is the true story and historical significance of the young Indian maid, Pocahontas?
  • What do we and our children need to learn from all this that will help prepare us and them for the tumultuous times that we live in?

Come hear the history and the legends
brought to life on their 400th anniversary!

Learn from historians Doug Phillips and Bill Potter
just why
it is so important for us to remember them!

Conference held in conjunction with:
The 9th Annual Liberty Day Celebration

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