The Celebration

Let the celebration begin! Jacob Bernhardt and Daniel Ziesmer welcomed the crowd with some wonderful music as they entered and found their seats!

Founder of Liberty Day, Roger Erber, opened the evening giving the history and heart behind the celebration.

Jacob returned to the stage to perform an incredible arrangement of "Stars & Stripes" arranged by Vladimir Horowitz. Outstanding!

After that, came time for the Essay Contest Awards! Jeremy Erber announced the winning essays and read excerpts of the winning essays in the two younger categories.

Jessica Erber came forward to read the entire winning essay in the adult category.

The Erberantey quartet took the stage next to bring us some lighter entertainment!
"The Young Volunteer" & "Revolutionary Tea"

You had to be there!

Mr. Bill Potter was introduced next and set the stage for the centerpiece of the evening program - the reenactment of the 2nd Virginia Convention.

The delegates entered, and the reenactment began.

The Rev. Seldon opens in prayer.

The Clerk reads the "minutes of yesterday"

Edmund Pendleton presents his resolution. There is some brief discussion, and it is approved.

The temperature rises when Patrick Henry presents his resolution for arming a militia!

Richard Henry Lee rises in support of Henry's resolution.

Benjamin Harrison stands in opposition to the resolution.

Thomas Jefferson responds to Mr. Harrison's concerns.

Pendleton joins the debate.

Treasurer Robert Carter Nicholas advises caution.

Thomas Nelson, Jr. urges the delegates to support Henry.

George Washington pledges to personally raise and support a troop... and then Patrick Henry himself arises to defend his resolution -

The President calls for order, and the resolution is brought to vote. Thanks to the support of all in attendance, the resolution carries by a strong vote!

Doug Phillips closed our evening with a message of inspiration, and called Bill Potter to return to the stage and tell us about "Memory Holes"

The evening was being brought to a close with hymn, thanks, and final announcements, when a messenger arrived from New York with an urgent call for recruits.

A large number of men and boys promptly responded to the call and were marched out to drill.

After the 'recruits' left, the formal celebration time was quickly wrapped up and the preparation for refreshments and the remaining fun hurriedly finished...

(We gratefully acknowledge that all these photographs were provided for the Liberty Day Foundation by Rich Heki Photography)

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