The Conference

The 2007 Liberty Day Conference title was, "Jamestown: A Quadricentennial of Providence," and while it certainly covered a lot of history, it also presented a message of hope and exhortation.

The message of hope should be obvious for any student of history. For as we see God's hand working in the events and lives of those who have gone before us, we cannot help but become more aware that His hand is also working in our lives today!

The message of exhortation is that it is not just a good thing to remember and celebrate our history - it is a prerogative to acquiring any benefit from it! If we forget it, we are as poor as if we did not have it at all. We MUST remember, we MUST learn, we MUST celebrate! Recordings of the sessions are available from Resounding Voice.

Our guest speakers for the conference were Mr. Doug Phillips, of Texas, and Mr. Bill Potter, of Virginia. It was a blessing to have them join us and we are grateful for the passion and knowledge that God has given them, and their willingness to come share it with us.

Between the sessions (there were two on Friday night, and four on Saturday) our dear friends Raeanne and Anna filled the room with lovely melodies played on harp and violin! Thanks so very much, ladies!

(We gratefully acknowledge that all these photographs were provided for the Liberty Day Foundation by Rich Heki Photography)

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