Conference 2008 - Our European Roots

The Liberty Day Committee is excited to welcome Dr. Marshall Foster of the Mayflower Institute as our guest speaker for the 2008 Liberty Day Conference:

America's Family Tree:
Our European Roots

March 29, 2008
Medinah Baptist Church
Medinah, Illinois

Over 500 years ago Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blue and set foot upon the North American shores. From that event we often date the beginning of our great American history.

But America didn't just appear out of nothing. The story really goes back much further, and is much bigger. For the story of America is just one part of the story of what God is doing with His people.

On March 29, during the 2008 Liberty Day Conference, Dr. Marshall Foster will take us through the pages of history that led to the founding of America. He will tell us stories of heroes who paved the way, of fierce battle fought, of Truth and Liberty threatened and defended. All of which are part of our family heritage as Americans and as citizens of the Kingdom of God.

Our families must be rooted in the significance of the past to stand today, and to continue the growth of God's kingdom.

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