Special Guests 2008

We are very excited to host The Fiddler's Three as special guests for our 2008 Liberty Day Celebration. The Lautenschlagers siblings perform Celtic, American colonial, Westward expansion, and cowboy music! They'll be bringing their varied repertoire to augment our evening celebration and will give us a sneak peak at the coming fun during the last session of the conference! The Fiddler's Three will also be providing live music for the post-celebration Virginia Reel.

But that's not all their family will be sharing with us! The Lautenschlager family are also WWII enthusiasts and share their knowledge and excitement in their homestate of South Dakota through an annual Father/Son Army Day and Mother/Daughter Homefront Day.

They will be bringing a selection of their gear and supplies and fun along with them and will have them on display during the day, will share a short presentation during the lunch hour (so bring your lunch along, if you can!) and will also lead the post-celebration military drills in WWII style this year!

So bring the whole family along and enjoy the many facets of Liberty Day 2008!

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