The Celebration


This was our 10th Annual Liberty Day Celebration! Founder of Liberty Day, Roger Erber, welcomed the crowd of several hundreds from 7 states to the 2008 Celebration.

The Fiddlers Three

The Fiddler's Three provided the first bit of entertainment. With stories of songs, and much toe-tappin' hand-clappin' music, they brought us back to the early days of Colonial America.

What fun!

The Magna Charta

As this was our 10th Anniversary, and as we had spent the day discussing Europe, we thought it appropriate bring back a skit we had several years back at a Liberty Day celebration on the signing of the Magna Charta. Only this time, we adapted the skit into a short 1940's radio drama!

Mother, daughter, and maid discuss the rising tensions between the barons and King John.

The Baron's read the Magna Charta (or a couple short portions of it!) to King John on Runnymede Meadow.

An angry King John...

Of course, what is a radio drama without live organ (above) and sound effects (below).

The Erberanteys

They're back! The Erberanteys returned once again to bring us a few laughs as they sang us a couple of old American folk songs! For the first one, they invited the Fiddlers Three back on stage to accompany them.

Flanders Fields

Two young men (Josiah & Caleb) dramatically recited both John McCrae's "In Flanders Fields" and RW Lilliards "America's Answer."

Souvenir d'Amerique

Daniel Ziesmer and Jacob Bernhardt joined us once again with their outstanding music. They not only played prelude and postlude music for us, but also entertained and impressed us with their great performance of Vieuxtemps "Souvenir d'Amerique."

The 2nd Virginia Convention
Next in the program came the annual centerpiece and highlight of the Liberty Day Celebration: the reenactment of the 2nd Virginia Convention debate and Patrick Henry's "Liberty or Death" speech. (Pictures of the reenactment can be found by clicking here)

How We Can Rebuild Western Civilization Against All Odds

After the reenactment, Dr. Foster closed the evening with a stirring message drawing it all together as he discussed the "holy cause of liberty."

Oh, but that wasn't the end. After Dr. Foster spoke, we joined our voices together in a hymn, and then the closing announcements were interrupted by an urgent message! Click Here to read about that...

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