Evening Fun

The messenger arrives, and races to the front of the room...

An urgent message reporting the bombing of Pearl Harbor interrupted the closing comments. "Men and Boys! Rally to protect your homes and families!"

The men and boys hurriedly and enthusiastically responded to the call!

They were soon assembled in the gym, ordered into platoons, and run through several drills.

Back in the main hallways, the ladies and girls (and some few men and boys) enjoyed chatting and refreshments as they made their way to the dance hall.

Lines were soon formed and a Reel set was danced...

...but soon our soldier men returned from their drills and paraded in to show off their new expertise. Very sharp, gentlemen!

After displaying their discipline, the troops were dismissed for the remainder of the evening, many immediately visiting the refreshment table, others joining the dance.

The evening could have continued long into the night, but soon it was time to wrap things up.

Families began to regather themselves, finish up conversations with new and old friends...

And head for home! Be sure to come back next year! March 21, 2009!

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