2009 Conference Information

Preserving Our Sacred Honor:

Principled Founders Speak Today
  • Date: March 21, 2009
  • Speaker: Dr. Paul Jehle
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Dr. Paul Jehle will set the stage and discuss the issues and conditions that existed in the colonies

prior to the writing of the Declaration of Independence, helping us to better understand the intent and importance of this document. Dr. Jehle is a gifted communicator, able to delve into a subject making it interesting, applicable and plainly understandable to all ages.

We believe you will find yourself applying much to our own day.

After having Dr. Jehle speak on the US Constitution in 2006, we received so many requests to bring him back, that coming in March Dr. Jehle will be returning to Illinois! You won’t want to miss this - and your children need to hear this!

Let’s raise up a truly educated generation who has learned from the lessons that history teaches us, and is equipped and motivated to advance the kingdom of God!


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