2009 Apple Pie Contest

What could be a more fitting end to a day focusing on American history and principles, than to indulge in a slice of America's favorite dessert - Apple Pie! However, our staff absolutely refuses to take on the baking of enough apple pies for all who will be attending Liberty Day 2009.

So, we call on you, our friends and guests, to roll up your sleeves, tie on your aprons and produce for us the very best apple pies imaginable! A select group of judges will attempt to tackle the enormous task of selecting an all around best pie based on appearance and flavor! An award will be bestowed upon the baker of the winning pie during the 2009 Liberty Day Celebration. Afterward the pies will be sliced and served as our evening refreshment.

Rules for submission:
1. Pies submitted must be homemade apple pies.
2. Pies must be delivered to the conference registration table by noon, on Saturday, March 21, 2009.
3. Pies must be baked in a disposable 9" pie plate.
4. Pies must be labeled with chef's name in permanent ink marker on the bottom of disposable pie plate.
5. Chefs submitting pies must be registered for the 2009 Liberty Day Conference and Celebration.
6. Any pies not meeting rules 1-5 will be disqualified. Sorry!

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