2009 Essay Contest Winners!

Congratulations to our 2009 Essay Contest Winners! The following is the criteria that each essay was asked to meet:
Define for us the difference between a Reformation and a Revolution. One ends in order, the other in chaos. Why? You may also consider comparing the key ideological and theological differences between America's War for Independence and the French Revolution.

For the younger student group (ages 8-12), write in your own words an exciting narrative describing the writing and/or signing of the Declaration of Independence.

Students ages 8-12 - 200-300 words
Students ages 13-18 - 400-600 words
Adults ages 19-99 - 600-800 words

Much time and consideration went into reading each essay and selecting the winners! Slowly the number of essays was trimmed down to a few finalists, and at last - after much debate amongst the judges - winners were chosen! Click on the author's name to read their essay!

Students ages 8-12: Paul Hartlaub, Wisconsin
Students ages 13-18: Nathan Detwiler, Ohio
& Rachel Detwiler, Ohio
Adults ages 19-99: David Jachim, Michigan

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