12th Annual Liberty Day Celebration

You, our friends and fellow Americans, are invited to celebrate our nation’s glorious heritage as we inflame in our hearts a richer love for this most precious gift - Liberty!

Come join us as over two hundred thirty years after Patrick Henry kindled the flame of liberty in the hearts of his hearers, with his now immortal words of liberty or death, we gather to commemorate the event.

For more than a decade hundreds of individuals and families have joined us in celebrating the anniversary of Patrick Henry's Liberty or Death speech. From its humble beginnings in one family's home, to its current popularity, attracting attendees from across the country - Liberty Day inspires those who attend and spreads an important message about our heritage, and the principles behind a proper understanding of Liberty.

Watch as dramatic costumed interpreters reenact the exciting debate for independence amongst you. Tap your toes to rousing American music. Listen as Dr. Jehle inspires us with stories from our founding. Enjoy refreshments, test your coordination in military drills, or find a partner and try an old colonial pastime: The Virginia Reel. Come enjoy this fun and inspiring evening for the family!

This year we are holding our celebration in conjunction with the conference: Rebuilding Our Sacred Honor: Investing our Inheritance.

The annual highlight of the evening celebration is the exciting, fully costumed dramatic reenactment of the debate that took place during the 2nd Virginia Convention that culminates in the delivery of Patrick Henry’s famous speech.

Step back in time to March 1775, as you sit amongst George Washington, Richard Henry Lee, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry and many others as they heatedly debate the controversial issue of their day—whether or not to go to war against their mother country, England. Excitement fills the air as you grapple with the gripping arguments on each side. But, you’re not just a bystander! You, too, get to use your voice and cast your vote as one of the delegates! Aye or Nay? It's up to you!

Encasing the debate will be music and stories of heroes and history. As our special guests, the Heirs of Baird will be joining us from the Mount Rushmore region for Liberty Day 2010, bringing Celtic, Americana, Westward Expansion, and Cowboy music!

Join us on March 20!
The festivities will begin at: 6:00 p.m
Saturday, March 20, 2010
Medinah Baptist Church,
900 Foster Ave, Medinah, Illinois

This event is
not sponsored by Medinah Baptist. Please do not call them about this. Questions? Please contact us directly at: Info@LibertyDay.net

Join in on the celebration by wearing a historical costume from an era that brings to mind the great men and women that defended liberty!

Book Tables
We will have a few book tables with a select collection of resources available that evening, so be sure to take time to browse through them!

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