2012 Liberty Day Choir

Have YOU wanted to get on stage during the Liberty Day Celebration? Now you can!

This year registered Liberty Day attendees (ages 13+) are able to participate in the Liberty Day celebration by signing up for the choir. The choir members will receive two pieces. The first will be a hymn, the second will be the final chorus of a song to be presented with the other musical entertainment of the evening.

The choir will have a single one hour rehearsal on Saturday.

We had a wonderful time with the choir last year, and although we need to simplify our repertoire this year due to time constraints, we hope you will join us in introducing this rousing hymn to the audience.

- Rehearsal schedule TBA.
- Music distributed upon sign-up. (Link Below)
- Choir members must be registered for Family Economics Conference & Liberty Day to participate.
- Cost: No charge.

Choir Registration Closed for 2012!

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