2011 Liberty Day Fashion Show

Ladies and Girls Historical Fashion Show

This year we will be hosting a Ladies Historic Fashion Show. The fashion show will take place on Saturday afternoon (same time as the Military Drills) and each entrant will model their own dress!

Who may enter:
· Any female of any age
· One entry per person

What is to be worn:
· Historic dress, pre-1950
· Accessories are welcome (hats, gloves, etc.)
· Home-sewn or a purchased dress is acceptable
· Please, all dresses must be modest. Proper undergarments are necessary, as the stage and lighting will make the dress “see-through”

How to enter:
· Please e-mail 2 - 5 sentences, describing the dress to be worn. Include any detail that would be helpful to others who would like to recreate the dress, as well as what time period the dress represents. Possible other information: the pattern number, if home-sewn; the retailer or seamstress; actual dress details, for instance the type of sleeve, seems with cording, etc.
· Include your name and note if the model is an adult or child; if a child, please include age.
· Please include 1 - 2 pictures of the dress and the model, who will be modeling the dress during the Liberty Day Fashion Show.

Entries must be made no later then Monday, March 21, 2011
Please email submissions to: ldfashionshow@gmail.com

Click here to see sample entries

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