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Dr. Joseph Morecraft, III

Father, grandfather, pastor and noted lecturer, Joe Morecraft has addressed civic, medical, military, political, religious and educational groups. He has authored numerous articles and spoken on national defense, international relations, constitutionalism and various economic and social issues. He is a former chaplain of the Georgia Legislature and former chairman of the United States Constitution Party of Georgia. He resides with his wife, Becky, just outside of Atlanta, Georgia.

Dr. Phillip Kayser
Raised in Ethiopia by missionary parents, Pastor Phil Kayser now lives with his family in Omaha, Nebraska. He continues to have a passion for missions, making teaching trips to other countries, mentoring international leaders. He is also president and founder of the Providential History Festival. One of his greatest passions is to see the comprehensive blueprints of the Scriptures applied to science, civil government, education, art, historiography, economics, business, and every area of life.

Friday, March 25

Foundations of Victory, Seeds of Defeat - Dr. Kayser
Over the course of American history Christian attempts to influence culture have had mixed results. We will discuss seven “Christian” approaches to culture, showing how six of them almost guarantee the triumph of humanism. But Jude 13-14 vividly pictures how vulnerable humanism is to a vibrant transformational approach to culture that sees Jesus as King over all.

The Great Awakening - Dr. Morecraft
One of the most important events in shaping the worldview of Americans in the 18th century was The Great Awakening in the 1740's. Its influence still shapes us today almost 300 years later, both for good and evil. Being able to distinguish those good and evil principles that flow out of The Great Awakening enable us to be distinct in our discernment of issues today and to be focused in working toward corrections. One thing we see clearly is that ideas have consequences. Bad ideas have bad consequences and good ideas will result in good consequences.

Saturday, March 26


Natural Law vs. Biblical Law - Dr. Morecraft
The Bible says that Israel's decline began from the very day they built Jerusalem, Jeremiah 32:31-33, that is, from her very founding as a nation. Those seeds of destruction were never dug up; therefore, they matured to full-fledged apostasy. Like Israel, the seeds of America's decline were sown in the founding of America. The root of our decline, slow at first and accelerating today, was the attempt to find in nature laws for society obtained by the proper use of reason, i.e., natural law theory. This view eventually led our nation away from God's Law contained in Holy Scripture.

Our French Revolution - Dr. Morecraft
A correct and comprehensive understanding of what has gone wrong in our modern American is impossible apart from a true understanding of our war in the mid-nineteenth century and its relation to the French Revolution in 1789. Both Northerners and Southerners in the 1860's, and liberal and conservative historians today, recognize that civil war was a real revolution that changed everything about our country. We must look beyond the debates on slavery, control of the Mississippi River, states' rights and tariffs, to the deeper religious and philosophical motives behind that war, especially Unitarianism.

Breaches in Humanism's Dam - Dr. Kayser
Humanism in American history has been like a mighty dam holding back the waters of cultural transformation. At times it has allowed more water to come over the spillway, and at other times it has restricted the influence of Christianity. But this presentation will examine the key vulnerabilities of American humanism. These vulnerable points are like leaks in a dike that have the potential of completely destroying the dike and unleashing the waters of God’s kingdom into every sphere of life. This is not a time to throw up our hands in despair. Instead, this is a time to expect great things from God and attempt great things for Him. When our vision is on the enemy, our faith will falter. When the church’s vision is fixed on Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our Faith, we will have what is needed to fulfill the dream of the Pilgrim’s and Puritans – to make America a city set on a hill.

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