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About us
Xinxiang Yuxin Windpower Equipment Engineering Co. Ltd. is located in Torch Park, High-tech Zone in Xinxiang Henan. It is the professional stock company to design & manufacture the wind power equipment, it belongs AVIC Xinxiang avia...
Professional integrity
  • Chillplate
  • Heatsink finned 1#
  • Heatsink finned 2#
  • Heatsink finned 3#
  • Air-air Fin
  • Air-water heat exchanger 1#
  • Air-water heat exchanger 2#
  • Air to liquid exchanger
  • Generator cooling system
  • Inverter cooling system
  • Gearbox cooling system
  • Air-cooled Water Chiller
Contact us
Address:G1,Torch Park,High-tech Zone, Xinxiang, Henan
Phone:  +86(373)3512028 3875191
Fax:  +86(373)3512028 3875191
Email: avic2958@yahoo.com.cn 
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